Following our press screening last night in NYC, our first published review is by former IDF soldier, Amos Lassen.

(…)”I must admit that I approached the film with my own biases and these are based on the fact that I served in the Israel Defense Forces. This does not mean, however, that I am unable to be fair about what I saw here.

Lokkeberg brings us raw footage from Palestinian cameramen as well as from eye-witnesses who recorded shots on their cell phones. What we see is more than film—we experience it and it is documentation that must be seen.”

(….)There is no analysis on the situation and what has caused what is happening is not mentioned here. In this way we concentrate more on the reality of what went on rather than wondering who to blame and to emphasize the violence on civilians and it forces us to look at the cost of war on non-guilty people who happen to live in the area.

(….)There are things happening to Palestinians that should never happen to anyone, even in times of war. Both Israel and Palestine committed war crimes by killing civilians. The only distinction is the capability of each side.

Who is Amos Lassen?

(..)”I grew up in New Orleans but left right after I finished my M.A. and moved to Israel. I had always been active in Jewish youth groups and knew I was destined to go to Israel to live and the war in Vietnam was nipping at my heels. I figured that if I had to go to war, I might as well fight for something I really believed in. I got to Israel just before the outbreak of  The Six Day War in 1967 and stayed for many years.” (..)

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